Monday, February 23, 2015

Presenting: Etrian Mystery Dungeon's Dancer

You see the word 'Dancer' and immediately what comes to mind is: "The only thing they're good for is dancing, right?" Okay, fine, yes, the main deal with Dancers is that they dance. But what if your dances psyched up all your friends so much they turned into unstoppable fighters? Or a move so fresh when busted, healed all your buddies? Sounds good, huh?

Etrian Mystery Dungeon is the roguelike RPG from Atlus and Spike Chunsoft that combines the character classes and skill trees of the Etrian Odyssey series with the roguelike nature and exploration of the Mystery Dungeon series in a tense, near-infinite dungeon exploring/looting adventure for the Nintendo 3DS. Available beginning April 7, pre-orders and a limited first-run printing of the game will include a bonus soundtrack CD and the "Sights & Sounds of Mystery" art book!


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