Thursday, June 04, 2015

Crossover Roche Fusion and Dimension Drive part 2

We are happy to announce that our friends from 2AwesomeStudio succeeded in funding their innovative shoot-em-up Dimension Drive through Kickstarter. To celebrate we are now offering all their backers a special deal to get a copy of Roche Fusion:

Support Dimension Drive now and get Roche Fusion for a mere €4,- (original pledgers can raise their pledge by €4,- to get a copy of Roche Fusion). And even better; bring in a friend to support Dimension Drive and get Roche Fusion for FREE! For more details see:

The awesome thing about this deal is that you are supporting two indies in one go. AND you get to play Roche Fusion immediately after the Dimension Drive Kickstarter ends in two weeks. Because Roche Fusion is already out on Steam you won’t have to wait to play.

This deal only lasts 72 hours, till Saturday June 6th 0.00 CET. So get involved and more importantly tell everybody else to get involved so they can blow up enemies together in Roche Fusion and Dimension Drive!

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