Sunday, March 27, 2016

New Carcassonne version announced!

This year a new version of tile-placement game Carcassonne will be released. Carcassonne, originally released in 2001,  is named after a French town and offers players the chance to think about the bigger questions in life, like: “How to make the most of my last tile?” or “ Should I worry about my own possessions or thwart the other players?”

After 16 years, the developers of Carcassonne thought it was time for renewal and 999 Games presented the new artwork of this classic during the National Championship Carcassonne at “Zuiderspel (NL)”. As a sneak preview, we can already tell you that besides the new style also two small expansions are announced. And you don’t have to throw away your old version, because you can combine both versions of Carcassonne. Stay tuned!

*The picture shows the box of the original Carcassonne and not the new version!

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