Friday, February 17, 2017

PlayStation Plus opens its doors from February 22 t/m 26!

From February 22 till 26, PS4 gamers can enter the PlayStation Plus multi player  possibilities for five days free without a PS Plus subscription. The Open Multiplayer Event is offered by PS Plus. The starting signal will be given on Wednesday, February 22nd at 10:00 and runs until Sunday, February 26 23:59.

PS Plus is running local activities regularly. Earlier this month PlayStation Plus Challenges launched a contest for the Benelux where gamers are challenged to perform all kinds of PS4 assignments. In the next eight upcoming weeks there will be new challenges; share your best gameplay videos and you could win a five year PS Plus subsripction with a PS4 Pro or a PS VR. The jury? Vjèze Fur, P.Fabergé and Wiwa of de dutch music group “De Jeugd van tegenwoordig”! They choose three winners per challenge.

With the global community of online players, PS Plus lifts the gaming experience to a higher level. With Share Play you can play games with your friends, even if they do not own that game. Invite them for a co-op adventure or a pulse-pounding multiplayer combat. A must have for gamers who want to play with friends, or battle against other in the multiplayer modes of their favorite games.

With the Open Multiplayer Event, Sony PS4 gives each gamer without subscription the opportunity to experience all the benefits of the PS Plus subscription. Do not miss this opportunity!

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