Friday, April 28, 2017

Hoverloop hits kickstarter!

The core idea of the game is to bring gamers back together in their couch, sharing a snack and shouting battle cries at eachother!

You will have access to an array of customizable drones, each with it's own unique ability like Teleport, Deathray or Shield.
Fight against or work together with friends in splitscreen/online multiplayer. If you would rather go solo, that's also possible, with AI-Bots in a variety of game modes.

So, the essence of the game:
-Select and customize your drone, choose wisely as each drone has its own unique ability.
-Add Splitscreen players to your game or choose to combat AI-Bots.
-Pick your game mode, there will be a range of 10 game modes to choose from!
-Select your favorite Arena.
-Game On!

So back these guys and their awesome game at kickstarter. Hoverloop, a splitscreen arcade arena combat game, will be available for PC & Xbox One. In the future it might expand to other consoles.

We already played this game at Screenshake and let us tell you; we had a blast! So read al about it in our Screenshake article.

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