Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Awesomenauts now Free-to-Play on Steam!

The guys of Ronimo Games have a special announcement to make:

Awesomenauts, the 2D sidescrolling MOBA, is now available for free on Steam! We’ve spent years preparing for this and are ready to welcome a massive new audience to the Awesomenauts community.

We've hosted a closed beta over the last month, where we’ve stress-tested our systems and made improvements to many of the new player progression features that we added in anticipation of the free-to-play transition. Everything checked out, so we’re 110% ready to offer the awesome features below to everyone who wants to play Awesomenauts for free:

  • 3v3 online platforming action in true Saturday Morning cartoon style, with a completely revamped matchmaking system! 
  • 29 Unique playable Awesomenauts, each with their own set of upgrades, skins, and character themes! Best of all: more ‘Nauts are in development and the cast keeps growing!
  • A fully-featured map editor with Steam Workshop integration, custom games, shareable game modes, and lots of crazy community-created content to enjoy!
  • Co-op vs. AI matchmaking, allowing everyone to play alongside their friends or new allies against bots to hone their skills!
  • A brand new progression system, where players can earn Awesomepoints by levelling up their account and various characters by playing matchmade games. Awesomepoints can be used to unlock new characters and certain customization options!
  • When reaching various milestones, players receive in-game medals that allow them to showcase their accomplishments to other players! Have over a 100 wins with your favorite character? Show it to the world!
  • More content inbound! We’re already working on update 4.1, which will add a brand-new playable character to the in-game roster!

All in all, the game is better than it’s ever been, and our existing playerbase has come together to welcome new players. They’ve been writing new guides en masse, are hosting tournaments specifically aimed at new players, and have scheduled other community events to highlight creative Workshop submissions and showcase competitive matches. We’ll be hosting several shows on Twitch ourselves to welcome new players and explore new content with them! Anyone interested in hanging out with us can join us at

We’ve been releasing new updates for Awesomenauts continuously over the last five years, and will continue to do so moving forward. In fact, players have plenty of cool stuff to look forward to in the near future as we’re already preparing a brand new character, and have lots more lined up beyond that!

Players who want to jump right into Awesomenauts can download it through Steam, or head over to to start downloading immediately!

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