Thursday, October 26, 2017

Gear Special: Medion Gaming Mouse

During our first Retro Game Event back in April 22, 2017 (organized in cooperation with Sparkly Unicorn) some lucky gamers won a fabulous goodiebag, including a Medion Gaming Mouse sponsored by Medion. We like to tell you a little more about this awesome mouse!

The official name of this mouse is: Gaming Mouse Medion X81026 (MD 87433). The mouse has a left and right button and a scroll wheel, as you would expect. But there's more. At the left side of the mouse you have two extra buttons. With the first one you can scroll forward one page and with the second one you can scroll backwards.

On top of the mouse is a DPI switch. You can switch between 1000, 1300, 1600 or 2400 DPI. The factory setting is 1600 DPI. Last but defenitely not least; next to the DPI button is the LED light color selection button. The LED lights will shine in the color of your choice every four seconds.

A personal favorite of myself (Diana  a.k.a. Dumeegamer) is the extra space on the left where you can rest your thumb. It's one of those things you never knew you missed, until you have it. While moveing the mouse your thumb will never touch the table top and it is truly an awesome feature!

We ask one of our proud winners, Soto Zizikas, to share some user experience with all of us:

"This mouse works perfectly! It's a nice feature that you can set the movement speed and it fits perfectly in your hand. And I personally love the little detail of the LED lights!"

We're very excited about this mouse. It's a great game mouse for those who need just that little extra options and comfort! If you like to order this mouse, please visit

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