Friday, April 13, 2018

Life is Strange figurines and Farewell!

We received an awesome package, here at our DumeeGamer HQ; two super awesome figurines of Life is Strange: Before the Storm! I’m sure you recognize them; they are, of course, our beloved Rachel Amber and Chloe Price.

I’m pretty sure that you all know who those two cool teenagers are. If not, you missed out on an awesome game! So, why don’t you start by reading my article about the entire series?

If you are one of the smart people who pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, then you can enjoy the excellent bonus episode “Farewell”, in which you’ll take a peek into the lives of Max and Chloe and see what they were up to before the events of the first Life is Strange game. Max knows she is going to move to another city.

On one of her final days as an Arcadia Bay citizen, we see her visiting her best friend Chloe. Max is feeling nervous because she still hasn’t told Chloe about her moving away (talking about procrastination behavior).  Trying to find the right moment, Max and Chloe find a treasure from the past and relive some memories of their childhood together. A beautiful and touching story to conclude this intense series about friendship and bravery, I will tell you that!

Thank you Square Enix, Deck Nine and Dontnod for this amazing adventure and also a big thanks to the PR company Triple Entertainment for sending over this awesome gift!

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