Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Monstrous Naval Combat unleashed with Maelstrom!

Gunpowder Games announce that their rip-roaring fantasy naval battle game is available on Steam Early Access. Fast-paced fantasy naval combat game Maelstrom launches on Steam Early Access for $19.99 with a 10% discount for those who purchase during launch week. Watch the release trailer here!

Load the Cannons!
Players begin each battle on the outskirts of a large map filled with fog banks to hide in, swift currents, deadly maelstroms and monsters. By sinking NPC ships or other warships, players collect treasure and powerups (called boons) which grant significant combat bonuses for the rest of the battle. When a ship is sunk, its loot bobs to the surface, to be snagged by whoever can swoop in fastest!

As more players sink, the monster infested ‘Dead Waters’ encroach on the outer areas of the map,
reducing the play area and forcing a climactic showdown. Entering Dead Waters is not an instant
death sentence, but no captain can avoid the wrath of the beasts which lurk there for long. Only one
ship will be left afloat. All players receive rewards based on the gold collected during battle, bounties
claimed by sinking others, and how long they survived.

Gunpowder Games Lead Developer Blaine Smith said: “We’re stoked to finally turn the game loose and see how players react to the monsters and chaos of 16 warships trying to outwit each other, trading broadsides and blasting the bits off each other in battle!”

New ships and upgrade options are purchased with gold, while mates and captains will be attracted by the infamy of those who perform well in battle. Before each battle, players choose one of nine ships, each of which has different strengths, weaknesses, and a unique passive ability. They can then
customize it with up to three crew mates offering stat boosts, a captain providing a signature special
ability, and a number of feature choices which can change everything from how the cannons work to
providing a speed or maneuverability advantage.

Stretch Goals Continue on Steam!
The Maelstrom Kickstarter succeeded with backers giving their time and money generously as they
joined beta playtests to put Maelstrom through its paces. The development team collected enough
useful data and feedback to fill a treasure galleon, with a lot of fun had by all!

In addition to the features and content already planned on the development roadmap, the Maelstrom
team will be continuing where the Kickstarter left off. Early Access stretch goals will be linked to the
number of copies sold. The first goal is set for 10,000 players, with a single player campaign slated to
unlock at 125,000 players.

Maelstrom is out now on Steam Early Access for Windows!

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