Saturday, April 28, 2018

Ode to the 90's: Point and Click adventure Sol705 is making its way!

Sol705 by Patricio Land is an hilarious point and click graphic adventure in the best spirit of the good classics from the '90s with a -slightly- modern touch! Because nostalgia is not what it used to be !

The story will unfold during the 70’s, over the course of a young boy’s winter break in a remote town called Tucana Lake, located on a land at the very end of the world known as Argentina. Mystery and references around every corner, a distorted reality that mixes american, european and out of this world pop culture influences and lots of amazing wacky sci-fi situations has been set to provide you hours of pure pixelated ecstasy!

Join a group of eccentric friends looking to sneak out from duty and spend all their free time at their own secret extraterrestrial research club: Sol705. Making contact with an alien race? Easy. Getting a date with one of their classmates, well… let just call it a top priority at the club's hidden agenda!


  • 2D graphics with animations of great quality with the pixel-toon style.
  • Exquisite hand-drawn backgrounds and dozen of ultra weird characters.
  • An original soundtrack that goes from punk to the most awkward symphonic rock from the 70’s.
  • Super funny puzzles and amazing vintage stuff to collect and use!.
  • Full english voiced with spanish, french, english, russian and german dialogues.
  • This adventure plays honor to the great Lucas Arts, Sierra and Delphine software of yore.

For more info about the game, to play the first episode for free on a system of your choice and to stay tuned for the kickstarter, please visit the official website.

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