Thursday, June 07, 2018

Aragami: the story continues and we already had a peek!

Aragami: Shadow Edition and the story expansion Aragami Nightfall is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and debuting on Xbox One!

The Aragami Shadow Edition is a collection of the original base game, the expansion Aragami Nightfall and all currently released DLC. The game and expansion also support full two player online co-op in cross-platform multiplayer between consoles and PC.

Now I already how great Aragami is. Two years ago the honor was mine to play this game and of course write a review about it. I was impressed by the smooth game play. Now you must know, the stealth genre is not a genre that I master, but Aragami did a good job and making the stealth techniques a lot more accessible. But let’s refresh your memory about it, shall we?

Aragami puts you in the role of, as the developer tells us, 'an undead assassin with the power to control the shadows', named, as the title of the game gives away, Aragami. He is summoned by a princess who is kidnapped and locked up. Our shadowy hero is tasked with collecting talismans which are necessary to free her. Aragami has a great katana to help him with this task, but this mighty sword is only used for stealth attacks. Because this cool warrior has a great power he can use and manipulate the shadows!

I was particularly looking forward to the coop option and I was wondering if a stealth game would work out as a coop. I had visions about you tiptoeing and do your best to be silent and your coop partner is making a tiny mistake (or fucking things up big time) and you both get caught!

It’s appears my fears were all for nothing. It’s great to enter this stealth adventure with friend (or another gamer) at your side. Aragami doesn’t support couch coop, so you’ll need to play online and both have a copy of the game. You can actually help each other; if one player can’t continue his or her way, because of a soldier who is standing in the way, the other player can flank the opponent!

You can play the original Aragami game and it’s Expansion Nightfall in multiplayer mode. Nightfall takes you back to events that happened before the original story. Aragami is a signature game for the stealth genre and offers you a true stealth experience. You need to do things the silent-like-ninja way, there is no other way. No second chance with guns or anything!

Both stories are awesome and I so love the cell-shaded style of the Aragami games. And to have a bit of an advantage, the setting is always at night. So, in this game you don’t need to be afraid of the dark, you’ll need to be afraid of the ninja’s who hide in the dark!

Lince Works
PC / PS4 / Xbox One
June 5, 2018

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