Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Sneak preview: The Crew 2 Beta!

(Note that this is a beta and things can change in the final game)

Last weekend was very exciting, at least for me and Michael "Magic Mike" Dumee, because we were the two lucky bastards who received beta codes for the The Crew 2! Between Thursday May 31 and Monday June 4 our place was in a car, boat or plane!

The first thing that stands out is how awesome it looks and how well the gameplay is. Experience the thrill of intense motorsports action in a car, truck, motorcycle, boat, off-road buggy, or even a stunt plane! During the tutorial you'll get to try the three types of vehicles of this game: a car, a boat and a plane. This tutorial promises one thing; this game is going to be spectacular!

The Crew 2 will offer you a single player campaign, but it so much fun for a friend to ride along. You can join the game of a friend and complete the many challenges that this game has to offer. I think it's cool that there are several kinds of tracks for each type of vehicle. I tried the car campaign and here you can choose Steet Racing, but also Off Road challenges! And let me tell you, they are excellent! Other types of challenges were Free Style and Pro Racing.

The developers of The Crew 2 would like to tell you about their game in person, so check out their Closed Beta Live Stream video:

The Crew 2 will release at June 29 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We can expect more epic news about The Crew 2 during E3, so please visit the official Ubisoft website for more info. You can also discover the announcement of The Crew 2 open beta, which will be coming soon! So stay tuned...

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