Thursday, July 12, 2018

Beat the game and have a tree planted in your name with SEEDS: The Magic Garden!

SEEDS: The Magic Garden is now available on the App Store and Google Play!

Developed by Spanish studio Znavit Games, the innovative puzzle mechanics, devilish difficulty, and storybook visuals in SEEDS will delight players seeking to protect the world’s habitats one tree at a time. Thanks to the studio’s collaboration with international conservation charity World Land Trust (WLT), Znavit Games will make it possible for players everywhere to effect lasting change in the world.

Dan Bradbury (Director of Communications & Development, World Land Trust):

“We were delighted to hear from Znavit Games. We believe in engaging people through various means, including technology – and SEEDS: The Magic Garden is a perfect vehicle for people to help save the world’s forests.”

Ori Behrend (Co-Founder, Znavit Games):

“Games can give us power beyond our wildest dreams. This power may be used for the benefit of everyone – including the trees and animals that share this planet with us. SEEDS: The Magic Garden offers players an opportunity to take an active role in the safekeeping and preservation of the planet’s habitats. This is a way for anyone with an iOS or Android device to have fun – and at the same time, make a meaningful contribution to the world at large.”

The Seeds of a  New World
In the magical world of SEEDS, join friendly beetle-cat Arni on a quest to save nearly-extinct plants by matching different colored stones. Use a variety of boosters and create “root paths” to help grow 30 extinct plants – but watch out for toxins, explosions, and other hazards! If you complete the game, you’ll not only be saving a tree – but you’ll also receive a donation certificate that can be saved to your device and shared on Facebook.

Key Features

  • Experience unique puzzle gameplay that lets you grow magical plants.
  • Develop your skills in a training mode with unlimited lives.
  • Grow 30 different plants with 3 different stages as you complete dozens of levels.
  • Create larger plants based on your skill level.
  • Receive additional lives without bugging your friends!
  • Keep track of the plants you’ve already grown on a colorful level map.
  • Help protect the environment by having a real tree planted in your name!

SEEDS: The Magic Garden is now available for FREE on the App Store and Google Play – and it includes in-app purchases. All players who finish SEEDS: The Magic Garden will have a tree planted on their behalf. Players can also save trees and acreage using in-game currency.

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