Friday, September 28, 2018

Give away Immortal: Unchained DLC Steam Keys! **WE HAVE A WINNER**

Lex Ansems is the proud winner of the DLC Steam Code! Congratulations!

Last week we told you all about Immortal: Unchained. And now it is time to offer you a treat!
If you own or buy this gameat steam, we have a some very cool DLC codes for you!

This DLC Midas Touched is an awesome addition to the original game. You have been touched by metal gods. This pack enables new characters to have glistening gold skin and wild speed-freak hair! Never has a living weapon looked this good... Also includes an exclusive armor tint for that extra style. Note that you need to own the original game at Steam!

Interested in this awesome content? You can send us an email at or react at the post about this give away at our social media! Let the hunt begin!

You can particpate till September 27, 2018.

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