Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Improve your dating skills with Super Seducer 2!

I had so much fun playing Super Seducer earlier this year, so when I received a review key for Super Seducer 2 I didn't need to think twice! Bring it on!

The founder and developer of this game Richard la Ruina introduces this game by saying that Super Seducer 2 will be bigger and better. He listened to the feedback from players of the first part, so there will be more diversity in for example cultures and there are also levels which you will play from the female perspective.

The first chapter looks promising and really different comparing to the first part. The dating coach plays a main character in this game and it's immediately clear that is meant to be fun, because the introduction of the first character is way over the top and totally awesome. I also love that's some cheesy one-liners and the obvious bad answers are back as an option. They  will not help you seducing girls, but they are really funny.

Like the first part, after every choice you make you will receive some feedback from dating coach Richard, but this time he invited a female colleague to add some advice. And I like it that they not always agree! I also like the environment better where Richard is sitting while he's giving his feedback. In the first part he was sitting on a bed accompanied by three ladies who took off more and more clothes as you did a good job. This time he sits in a chair and he is surrounded by people in gala costumes and dresses.

A really good improvement since the last part is when you made a mistake you get the feedback and then the chapter restarts at the point where you made your mistake. This way you can improve your tactics without replaying the whole chapter. And for the record; not every time you mess things up, you are able to change your answer. Like in real life, live with the consequences.

Sometimes it's hard to pick out the right answer and I think that is because it's really funny to see the response of women when you do something really wrong. At some point I had three options;
1. Use a question from the Marcel Proust questionnaire,
2. Use Brad P's 10 minute seduction questions,
3. Play cards with her.

Because the goal is to get her number or get sex and I don't know Marcel Proust I decide to go with the second option, seduce her withis fancy Brad Pit one-liner. Atleast that's what I thought! Alas, the male character is starting to talk about how he wants to masturbate and the woman takes off. I decided to go with the card playing option. The woman really was interested in playing cards until Richard takes out his naked women card pack. So again no luck! The Marcel Proust questionnaire was the good option eventually, because then you will ask the woman about her definition of perfect happiness.

I was really impressed by the chapter about relationships at work. The main thought is that building a relationship and making someone comfortable enough to date you, takes time. A great way to have dating fun and explore all the good and the bad ways to do it, but the main thought is respectful and so true.

Super Seducer 2 releases on Steam for Windows PC on September 19, 2018, for $12.99 USD

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