Wednesday, September 05, 2018

We did some coloring: Dungeons & Dragons Adventures Outlined!

Since August 21 the  Dungeons & Dragons Adventures Outlined - Ultimate Adventurer Coloring Book is available in the stores and we had the honor to receive a copy!

"Combine the punk-rock stylings of renowned artist Todd James (a.k.a REAS) with the power of D&D monsters and lore. What do you get? The new Dungeons & Dragons Adventures Outlined, the ultimate coloring book for adventurers! Color your way through each adventure with delightful illustrations and unique designs including beholders, trolls, goblins, dragons, and more! Peppered with quips and descriptions from D&D writer Adam Lee, this beautiful coloring book should be bestowed upon the most deserving adventurers, offering hours of creativity, fun, and relaxation!"

So let me tell you about my coloring adventures and get ready to let your imagination run wild! 

I love coloring books since I was a child and I still do. I have a couple of them, some for adults, some for children and I can totally enjoy coloring a coloring page. I dim the lights a bit, lit some candles, make a cup of tea and put on some relaxing music. And then I'm good to go!

I have a Christmas themed mandala coloring book, also one with the artstyle of Gaudi and my proud and joy a coloring book of Pusheen! But this coloring book is a bit different and it's certainly not filled with manadala's. It's filled with artwork of Dungeons and Dragons, so this means all kinds of creatures from the depths of dread!

The drawings have so many details. Most of the time when I started one, I didn't recognize everything right away. But when you just start drawing, you discover more details as you go and they all make sence.

This coloring book is a must have for people who like to color, but are not into the cute and cudly stuff. Also fans of the Dungeons and Dragons games will love this item. It could be just a collector's item or really having a new way of enjoying the game that you love so much!

Dungeons & Dragons Adventures Outlined - Ultimate Adventurer Coloring Book
Price: $16.95
Release Date: 21 August, 2018
For more info or to order your copy, please visit the official website.

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