Friday, September 28, 2018

We had a first look at Dolmen!

Dolmen is developed by Massive Work Studio, momentarily at Kickstarter and actually already reached its goal! But you have still six days to back this guys and they have some really good deals for you. So don't hesitate and check there kickstarter project!

We here at were lucky enough to take a first look at this game. Our very own Diana a.k.a. DumeeGamer had the opportunity to enter the alpha build and she was impressed by how good this game already looks.
(Note that an alpha is work and progress and things might change in the final version)

Dolman is a third-person Action-RPG and has a heavily Lovecraftian-influenced plot that calls players to find some of the darkest secrets of the universe! It immediately makes a good impression. The intro is awesome; with a couple of photos and video footage the craziness and greed of mankind is shown. The player takes the role of one of an earthling, who wakes up in a strange sci-fi world, the middle of Revion Prime, where the greatest massacre of the galaxy has occurred. But who you are and why you are so far away from your home? You don't have a clue.

By defeating enemies you can find crafting materials and recipes. While exploring a level you can also find materials and weapons. To equip a weapon, craft weapons or armor, or to level up, you need to use terminals to return to your spaceship. This is a good place to prepare yourself for your adventure. After you're done, you can use the terminal again enter your previous checkpoint.

Considering this game is still in its alpha phase, I must say that I was impressed by the quality so far. The environment looks great, the cutscenes are beautiful and there are enough options to defend yourself and survive in this very extraordinary world. I'm looking forward to the final game!

Dolmen is scheduled for 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. For more info please visit the official website.

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