Friday, February 15, 2019

First peek: Private Beta Tom Clancy: The division 2!

The private BETA of division 2 is officially closed. I was surprised by the size of the beta! Not saying size matters (awkward silence) But let’s see, what is the future of Division 2?

If D.C. falls, America will fall and in the Division this is exactly what happens. Now that the streets in this capital are lawless, it is up to you as a member of the division to gear up and use your unique skills as the last line of defense.

The Beta offered two main missions, five side missions, one dark zone and an open world play. During the Beta, Players can advance to level 7 and could explore the eastern section of Washington D.C. Unusual for a beta is that Ubisoft gave a sample of the Divisions 2 endgame which was impressive to me. The game already feels a lot more open than the previous title. The surroundings inside looks amazing and sharp, just like the shooting is smooth and feels amazing.

In my opinion, I was happy that the damage levels of the enemies are lowered in this title. But it’s still as tough, don’t expect this to be an easy picknick ya’ll. With the special abilities you will get stronger, but when you use the abilities the cool down is longer.

Although there are things I like to see changed in-game, all of this did make me curious for the full game. Yes, I am a bit skeptical. Mainly because of some glitches that hopefully will be fixed. For example, the was one glitch that was kinda funny, out of nowhere my character started running super fast. Like after-chili-night kinda fast.

So it’s not perfect, but than again, neither am I. And that's where beta's are for, right? In both matters it could work out. Hopefully, Ubisoft will listen to the players feedback, then I’m sure we have another great game to make us forget our responsibilities. (just kidding stay adult)

The great news is there will be an open beta for everyone available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One from March 1-4. See and experience the Beta yourself, let the chaos begin! The full game release is scheduled on 15 March, 2019.

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