Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Mini review: Access Denied!

Our fellow readers already know that the great people of Ratalaika Games create excellent ports of beautiful game gems, that were PC-only games when they first released. We're are always looking forward to their upcoming games, because they're fun and challenging every time. This time we're going to take a look at a game by Stately Snail and it's called Access Denied!

Access Denied is a puzzle game in the world where for storage of personal data are used special device in the form of protected boxes. Imagine yourself in the role of the professional cracker of such devices and test your skills for 36 different levels.

Now our very own Michael Dumee a.k.a. Magic Mike felt brave enough and hacked his way through this game. "I think I'm not the only one, who will think about "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" when seeing the trailer of Access Denied. And the concept is indeed the same; You'll need to disarm the bomb. But in this case, you're on your own. There is nobody to help you, no manual to check. You'll need to figure this one out yourself. On the other hand, there is no timer breathing in the back of your neck."

The puzzles will get more difficult with every new level, so don't think this is an easy walk in the park. This would be a walk in the park, but with mud, angry bees, crocodiles.... well you get the picture right? Access Denied is a typical example of easy to learn, hard to beat. Micheal: "I heard myself thinking; Only 36 levels? I will finish this game within a hour. But believe me when I say it will take a lot more time and it will definitely bash your brain more than once!"

So, if you're up for a creative challenge, or you like to disarm bombs in your spare time, or you like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, but nobody wants to play games with you, Access Denied is truly your cup of tea!

Ratalaika Games& Stately Snail
Nintendo Switch, February 8
PS4 /PS Vita / Xbox One, February 6

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