Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Road to Spiel: Fresh Demo's!

Join our Reporting Meeple on his Road to Spiel 2019 in the analogue land full of Cardboard.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls; Spiel Essen 2019 is nearly upon us! Like last year, I will highlight the newest games from, in my humble opinion, some of the very best publishers coming to the biggest board game event in the world. For this episode of our Road to Spiel, I would like to highlight six of the Freshest Demos present and, of course, playable at Spiel 2019. Because that is what Spiel is all about, trying out new releases and the next couple of games are so freaking new, they have not even been released yet!

Druid City Games - Hall 4 booth H106
Druid City Games, known for their beautifully illustrated games, The Grimm Forest and Masquerade, is bringing a demo of their upcoming game, Wonderland’s War to Spiel 2019, and I for one can’t wait to try out that game! I’ll also be sure to check their other demo for another game named Tidal Blade.

Games from Hell - Hall 6 booth G113
I am still having nightmares from my meeting with Games From Hell at last year’s Spiel. Ever since that day, I’ve am following this developer of brutal games and I am very excited to see what progress they made on their game, Presidium. A little birdie told me that they are bringing miniatures to the table, so I’m excited!!! Check out our last years report about this developer.

Final Frontier Games - Hall 4 booth D111
From the creators of Robin Hood and the Merry Men comes the asymmetric euro game, Merchant’s Cove Developer Final Frontier Games is taking their latest Kickstarter success with them to Spiel 2019, so everybody can enjoy this game featuring some unique gameplay mechanics.

Holy Grail Games - Hall 2 booth F146
Titan is an expert Eurogame created by first-time designer Matthieu Podevin. During my visit to last year’s Spiel, I saw a very early prototype of the game and am very curious what the end result of another year’s hard work has brought Matthieu. Just look at that game board and tell me you’re not also anxious to see what’s what! Check out our last years report about this developer.

Inside Up Games - Hall 4 booth I106
Inside Up Games will travel aaaaalllll the way from Canada, bringing with them an awesome looking fantasy-horror themed card game called 7 Souls. Plus, if you visit their booth, you can also get your zombie-cowboy groove on with their brand new Wild West zombies game called The Quick and the Undead. Chek out our last years report about this developer.

Kolossal Games - Hall 5 booth G124
Last but definitely not least on our list is Kolossal Games, who will be showcasing a game called Ruination during their stay at Spiel 2019. Ruination is set in post-apocalyptic Eurasia and challenges players to rally across The Wasteland to gain the favor of the Khan or for their own glory. Now, I haven’t played this game yet, but I already know it’s going to be Kolossal! (See what I did there?... Yes, I’m sorry…)

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