Thursday, October 24, 2019

Raw Fury Overview by Magic Mike!

I'm a lucky bastard! Last month we received a couple of very nice games by publisher Raw Fury. So after a month of in-depth gaming, I love to tell you about some game gems, published by Raw Fury!

Bad North is an island defender game. You need to defend your houses an various islands. You'll be rewarded with coins every time you defend was successful. These coins you can use to upgrade your troops, assign them with specific skills. The soldiers can be archers, swordsmen or pike soldiers. After every victory you can choose a new island. An island offers you coins and or more troops. So, it is of course great to add a new island to your map. But keep in mind, you also need to defend them at all times. When it comes to choosing islands, put on you strategy helmet, because the islands you can choose from will be different each round. Some islands may become unavailable for ever!

Dandara! Well let me start with a little piece of advice; do yourself a favor and play this game with a controller! You'll need to aim almost all the time and for me it was confusing to use mouse and keyboard for this. But now, let me tell you about the game. Dandara is a girl who needs to save the world. This game is about salt. You need to land on salt spaces and dash from one salt space to the next. Burst your way through objects and enemies. For this you need energy, but don't start crying now, you'll have more then enough energy. It was a very funny game to play, although I also had a lot of face palm moments, because I dashed to the wrong place.

In goNNER you take the role of a blob thingy with a skull on top. You'll need to move yourself through all kinds of levels. You have a gun to shoot enemies, to make you live easier. While playing, you'll find more different type of skulls. For example, the skull that you start with adds more HP to your stats, another one might inflict more damage. And if you're out of ammo, bring out your inner Mario and simply jump onto enemies to finish them off!

TormentorXpunisher is a very basic concept. You are demon hunter and you'll fly to the planet FUCK YOU! Yes, really! Killing demons is your main objective, this brings your name onto the leader boards, if you're good or lucky. This is your chance to crush the scores of your friends and of course people from all over the world. The great part is that you have a shotgun and AK all the time. But here comes the tricky part; You only have one life and you only can get hit once! It's a very nice game to play to kill some time and have some fun.

Last but not least; Uurnog uurlimited! Do you like to solve puzzles? Do you really like solving puzzles? But wait, are you known because of your quote: One can never have to many puzzles? Well, in that case, Uurnog_uurlimited might be the perfect game for you. The funny part is that you need all the puzzles. For exemple: for one puzzle you need a gun. You can buy a gun, but you don't have any coins. And Tadaa! Another puzzle rewards you with coins. The main goal in this game is to collect all kinds of tiny creatures and unlocking next area's.

To conclude this article, Raw Fury is great publisher with an excellent eye for fun and entertaining games. Each game is different and stands out for its own reasons and I had a blast with all of them!

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