Thursday, May 14, 2020

BaRPiG: Lock-Down = Lock-Inn!

BARPIG - The Adventure Party Game is offering something special to help us all get through these tough times whilst safely staying home. We’re gonna help everyone turn this Lock-Down into a Lock-Inn!

BARPIG is giving away a gorgeous postcard that doubles as a ‘zine’, a foldable booklet mini-version of it’s hilarious Party Game. Now everyone can enjoy BARPIG’s fun shenanigans with their friends using any video chat platform!

Today, Amsterdam based BARPIG announces the release of a mini-version of their successful party game that can be played easily between friends using a video call: BARPIG Lock-Inn!

Taking inspiration from the thousands of brilliant initiatives keeping people socially close whilst social distancing in these CoVID-19 times, BARPIG co-developer Jonathan (Johno) Franklin has taken 6 challenges from their pocket-sized party games and incorporated these into a “zine”, an A4 print out that can be folded into a booklet. Using this with any video calling platform, players can enjoy the hilarious shenanigans BARPIG always delivers apart yet together.

A Zine and Postcard in One
By printing a gorgeous postcard design on the reverse of the zine’s A4, folded over and secured, you can have BARPIG Lock Inn posted to your friends, and even include a personalised message. All you need to do is supply the address and pay the postage, BARPIG will do the rest.

This truly unique and thoughtful gift for your friends is double the fun, as you can then use it to play BARPIG Lock Inn online!

Print’n’Play Option Available!
There is also a single-sided PDF version of the zine available for download, giving everyone a quick way to join in the fun with their own print’n’play BARPIG Lock Inn. Both the Postcard and the Print’n’Play versions are available at

About the Game:
Imagine if you could embody a hero character with the power to challenge or otherwise embarrass your friends. But be careful, for those same friends wield powerful item cards that threaten to change the game at any moment! Now combine this with a leveling system to keep it competitive and a damage system to make it vindictive and this is BARPIG: The Unholy Result of a One Night Stand Between Card-Based Role-Playing Games and a Mostly Ridiculous Party.

Players take turns based on a dice roll to come one level closer to the winning level 5, whilst challenging fellow players to silly group activities and challenges. Losing these minigames not only cost you precious drinks on your bar tab, but also impact your character’s sobriety. Lose too many sober points and your character might find him/her-self ‘blacking out’ (sending you back to level 1)! Help is at hand however, in form of fun and wacky items. ‘Bought’ using that same bar tab, these have a multitude of effects like changing the group challenge, stealing the winning dice roll, or even cancelling another just-played item.

What started as a series of drunken puns written down on a bar napkin one fateful night has evolved into a truly outrageous game, and our out of control hobby. Oh, and there will be pigs! For more information about BARPIG, check out their website, their Facebook page, their Instagram, or their Twitter.

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