Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Indigo Online!

Normally the end of June would be the moment for me to travel to lovely city of Utrecht,to visit the Indigo Event, organized by Dutch Game Garden., but due to the Corona Virus, things will be different this year.  Indigo 2020 will go online! Talks & showcases will be presented online and thanks to the gaming platform Utomik, it’s possible to play all the demo’s of the parties that participate at this online version of Indigo 2020. In the upcoming days I will tell you about some of the awesome Indigo games I have played via Utomik :)

Press the Dot - Four Horseman Games
My first stop is with the game called Press the Dot, created by the awesome people of Four Horsemen games. It’s work in progress still and I'm following this game for quite a while actually. I met the founder of the studio last year and later on they were present at our a game event  so every visitor could give that a try. Press the Dot is a mobile game and will offer you a lot of puzzle challenges, where pressing the dot could be the solution. I remember from the last time I played this game it was not always clear if you solved the puzzle the correct way, because you also can have a bad or alternative ending of a puzzle. So I’m super happy to see that there is a feedback system at the end of the level. If you have Facebook you should really follow this game. The developers will share a lot of art there and the characters called Dotlings are super cute! I love how most of the time the solution to a puzzle is much simpler than you thought and I think that is the beauty of press the dot.

DreamScaper - AfterBurner Studios
The second game I play is DreamScaper by AfterBurner Studios. They describe the game as a relaxing rogue-lite inspired A RPG about lucid dreaming. This game is quit challenging, but a lot of fun too. Every time the main character falls asleep she ends up being the sort of dream landscape where danger lurks in every corner. You can attack with several weapons and a couple of defense options too. Every time you die you game you can enter the dream again, but the levels will be procedurally generated. The art style is beautiful and the weapons, upgrades and special abilities are great. If you're into the rogue like games, this is definitely one to keep your eyes on.

WaanZINnig - Game Tailors
I love that every Indigo edition always has a couple of studios who created the game for educational goals. This year I stumble upon a game that it's called WaanZINnig by Game Tailors. It's a Dutch word and the game it's about learning your grammar. The game is about an aliens who comes to visit Earth and they want to learn about the world. Apparently they are very skilled in cleaning up garbage and offer their help to clean up the Earth. The player gets a sentence and have to build a machine with machine parts that indicates the words of the sentence. I would have loved this game when I was back in primary school to learn my grammar in search of fun and creative way. Thumbs up for the developers!

Kari - Stranded of the Shores of Vanaheim - Unmanageable
I particularly enjoyed the game called Kari - Stranded of the Shores of Vanaheim by team Unmanageable. It's a combat free game and inspired by the Norse mythology. This is one of my favorite genres and definitely my cup of tea, Kari reminded me much of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chroonicles. Don't get me wrong I enjoy games with combat, but I think it is admirable if a studio can create an interesting game without using combat as the main activity. I'm super excited about this game and really looking forward to see if there is going to be a full game. Because if this game will releases a full game, I'll be the first to play it! 

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