Friday, July 24, 2020

This weekend: Demo Fest on Xbox, Star Wars on Steam, Blight Bound Beta and Fantasy Strike!

A brand new "No Money, No problem"  episode! Let us tell you about upcoming demo's, beta's, (temporarily) free games and free weekends!

Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event!
If you’ve been lucky enough to attend E3, PAX, gamescom or another show in the past you know that above-and-beyond the spectacle of these shows, one of the great joys of attending a marquee gaming event is being able to get your hands on games – lots of games. Getting to try them out early and discover lots of news games is awesome. For more info and an overview of all the demo's available, please visit the official blogpost.

Star Wars: The Old Republic now playable for free via Steam!
Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available on Steam! The Steam platform provides a new way for players--Padawan and Master alike--to play, discuss, and experience The Old Republic. Now you can earn new trading cards, emoticons, and more all while playing your original characters with full cross-save and crossplay, on or off the Steam platform!

Blightbound Open Beta Weekend Welcomes Heroes from July 24th!
Intrepid heroes will get their first opportunity to sample the horrors of the Blight this weekend when Blightbound unlocks its gates to fearless warriors for its Open Beta, July 24th-26th. Brave souls can head to Steam to download the beta this Friday. Blightbound, a dark and stylish multiplayer dungeon crawler, will battle its way onto Steam Early Access on July 29th with a 10% discount.

Fantasy Strike Now Free-to-Play with New Characters & Features!
Fantasy Strike, the fighting game from Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix lead designer David Sirlin, is now free-to-play on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam for Windows PC, Mac, and Linux. Alongside this price change, an update enters the ring today that includes two new characters, additional cosmetic items and animations for the entire roster, and a new optional set of subscription features.

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